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How Telemedicine Expands the Reach of Our Medical Capabilities medGadget Telemedicine.. is traveling at warp speed toward a bright, collaborative future between technology and medicine that will benefit the entire healthcare system. But to take advantage of telemedicine’s potential, we need to figure out payment procedures and persuade more doctors and hospitals to offer telemedicine options.

NASA Training Robonaut to Perform Surgery KTRH.com "The idea is for him to be the best medic, nurse and physician," Dr. Zsolt Garami told the BBC. "Our plan is to use Robonaut as a telemedicine doctor in remote areas." That would include space.


Net Medical Xpress Signs Agreement Providing 400 Doctors to My OnCall Doc Marketwired Net Medical Xpress Solutions, Inc. (OTCQB: NMXS) a leader in the telemedicine market, announced today the company has signed an agreement with My OnCall Doc, a telehealth technology provider based in Largo, FL.

Telepsychiatry: Improving Life With ADHD BWW Geeksworld.com "ADHD is a lifelong condition and telepsychiatry is a cost-effective, personal way to receive long-term care," said Daniel Gilbert, president and CEO of CloudVisit Telemedicine. "For families, it means a less stressful, less time-challenging way to support their children. For adults, it offers access to and compliance with consistent, private tools for managing ADHD."


Lawmakers Look to Expand, Regulate Telemedicine in Florida, but House Senate Bills Far Apart Daily Journal A Senate bill would increase the use of telemedicine in Florida and establish requirements for health providers who treat patients remotely. A companion bill is also making its way through the House, but that bill doesn't require doctors to have a Florida license — only that they be licensed in their home state and registered in Florida.

United States: Senators, JAMA Weigh In On Mobile Medical Apps Regulation Mondaq On March 18, a bipartisan group of senators sent a letter to FDA Commissioner Margaret Hamburg urging greater regulatory transparency for mobile medical applications (apps) in order "to avoid stakeholder confusion over how a wider range of medical software might be appropriately regulated."


(Canada) Telemedicine Proposed for Kaslo Nelson Star Rural regional district director Andy Shadrack says a proposal is being discussed with Interior Health on a program called LiveCare, which is currently available at Nelson’s health co-op and provides remote access to family doctors and specialists.

(Africa) Uganda Delegation and UVA Talk Telemedicine NBC29.com The University of Virginia is collaborating with professors from around the world to improve its medical knowledge. This week Dr. Frederick Kayanja, the vice chancellor of Mbarara University of Science and Technology, is visiting UVA all the way from Uganda.


(Arizona) SB1050. Telemedicine; Naturopaths: Introduced January 14, 2014, amending previous Telemedicine legislation section 36-3601.
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(Hawaii) SB2469. Telehealth; Insurance; Health Care Providers; Reimbursement: Introduced January 21, 2014, Requires reimbursement for services provided through telemedicine to be equivalent to reimbursement for the same services provided via face-to-face contact between a health care provider and a patient. 
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(Maryland) SB198. Maryland Medical Assistance Program - Telemedicine: This bill would amend the state’s law regarding Medicaid coverage of telemedicine.  It would remove restrictions, such as requiring the use of telemedicine only in the case of providing for the treatment of cardiovascular disease or stroke; in emergency department settings and when an appropriate specialist is not available.  If passed, this bill would take effect October 1, 2014.
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(Washington) HB1448. Regarding Telemedicine. Re-introduced January 13, 2014, this bill will be amending RCW 70.41.020 and 2 70.41.230; adding a new section to chapter 41.05 RCW; adding a new 3 section to chapter 48.43 RCW; creating new sections; and providing an 4 effective date.
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S. 1932: Better Care, Lower Cost Act: Introduced by Sen. Ron Wyden [D-OR] in January 2014, the goal of this bill is to amend title XVIII of the Social Security Act to establish a Medicare Better Care Program to provide integrated care for Medicare beneficiaries with chronic conditions, and for other purposes.
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H.R. 6719 TeleHealth Promotion Act: Introduced by Rep. Thompson (D-Calif.) in late 2012, the goal of this bill was to prevent readmission and help with interstate licensing. It was introduced Dec. 30, 2012, but not enacted.
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H.R. 3577 (Introduced Nov. 21, 2013): To establish the Commission on Health Care Savings through Innovative Wireless Technologies Read Bill Text

H.R. 3077: TELE-MED Act of 2013 (Introduced Sept. 10, 2013): To amend title XVIII of the Social Security Act to permit certain Medicare providers licensed in a State to provide telemedicine services to certain Medicare beneficiaries in a different State.
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H.R. 3306 Telehealth Enhancement Act of 2013: Introduced by Reps. Gregg Harper (R-Miss.) and Rep. Mike Thompson (D-Calif.), along with Reps. Devin Nunes (R-Calif.) and Peter Welch (D-Vt.). It was introduced on Oct. 22 with the goal of promoting and expanding the application of telehealth under Medicare and other federal healthcare programs.
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April 2014

Gaining Ground in the Grants Game

As Telemedicine gains popularity with lawmakers, funds are becoming more widely available to aid hospitals and clinics with exploring the arena.  A little research will yield an impressive list of grants that cover some aspect of this remote care field, but understanding whether or not your healthcare agency qualifies can be a frustrating process.  We have compiled some of the best tips for making the most out of your grant search, as well as, the most popular funding available for Telemedicine.

Tip #1: Know What the Grant is Offering

There are several types of grants, including research-targeted, typically designated with an “R##” and training grants.  If your site needs equipment, don’t bother with grants that aren’t going to cover it.  Many will have a clear list of what is covered up front, but more often a simple scan of the grant opportunity will save you the heartache of starting the application process prematurely.

Tip #2: Don’t Limit Yourself

The facility for which you are trying to procure funding may not seem to qualify for certain grants, but consider the resources you may have in your community that do.  Can your project be linked with the local firehouse or public school?  Public and government institutions often have access to a wider variety of grant options.  Also, aligning your organization with one that has a good footing in the field can often bolster your application.

Tip #3: Use All Information Available

There is a plethora of knowledge available to you on this topic and can be found with a simple web search.  However, wading through it can be difficult.  We are here to help, as is your local Telehealth Resource Center representatives, defined by state.  There are often live free webinars that cover topics regarding grant navigation, some of which are archived, and can be accessed at a later date.

Tip #4: Keep Track of All Known Grants

There are several grants that reoccur annually.  Keep track of their typical due dates and have all paperwork ready for last minute announcements.  See here for a list of current Telemedicine grants, as well as, a list of agencies that commonly provide funding.

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ATA Asks HHS to Lift 'Unnecessary' Restrictions on Medicare Providers Fierce HealthIT "Providers cannot take advantage of the full capabilities of telemedicine and telehealth due to unnecessary limitations," said Jonathan Linkous, chief executive officer of ATA, in an announcement.

Telemedicine and Telehealth Benefits to Change for Texas Medicaid May 1, 2013.. Learn More

House bill seeks active-duty telehealth Healthcare IT News. Continuing the recent spate of mHealth activity in the nation's capital, a pair of California Congressmen have submitted a bill that would expand telehealth coverage to active-duty service members, their dependents, retirees and veterans.

Final Medicare Physician Fee Schedule Rule for 2013 Includes a 26.5% Decrease. HANYS. Telehealth: CMS adopted its proposal to add eight Healthcare Common Procedure Coding System codes to the list of services approved for coverage under the Medicare telehealth policy.

Delaware Medicaid Program Announces Reimbursements for Telemedicine-Delivered Services. HIMSS. This initiative will help to improve patient’s access to care, better the quality of care and help to transform the state’s mental health system.

Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services Telehealth and Telemedicine - View here.

Medicare Payment Policies for Telehealth Services



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